It was a typical Friday morning. I came into school expecting just a regular school day, but when you go to Villa you never know what to expect. Before I knew it, first period had flown by and it was time for homeroom. That day, our homeroom activities consisted of the Annual Fund Assembly. Being a freshman, I had no idea what this was. Was it just another fund-raising activity? My question was soon answered when I walked into the gym.

Mrs. Cleary gave a brief introduction about what the Annual Fund is. It’s a way the school raises money to benefit us, the students. During her speech, she introduced us to a Villa Alumnae who was going to share with us why Villa is so special and the reasons we should give back to our school. Who would have known that this Villa Alumnae was my very own sister, April? This was a shock — she never told me she was coming to talk to the school!  Why would she keep this a secret from me?

It was a good speech. April gave great reasons why Villa is so special and important, but I was still confused about why she didn’t tell me she was coming. I didn’t understand till…BAM! Three very unpredictable words will describe everything that happened next: Villa flash mob.  This certainly wasn’t expected!

Students and faculty join in the flash mob

The flash mob started with just three cheerleaders. Then a few students jumped in, then a few teachers joined, and, before you knew it, a flash mob had formed. It was amazing! Everyone in the crowd was laughing. I thought it was so cool to see my very own best friends, teachers, and even my sister dancing in front of the entire student body. This is one of the many reasons why Villa is so great! What other high school would have a flash mob during a fundraising assembly? The flash mob made my day. Everyone did such a fantastic job in the flash mob, even I want to learn the dance!

–Angela McGovern, ’15